Street Sweeping Program

Monterey City Disposal Service provides full service street sweeping for City of Monterey residents and businesses.

Our goal – To provide clean, litter-free streets, while also reducing contaminants in storm water runoff that could reach the Monterey Bay.

Your role – Please move your vehicles off the street on your day of sweeping. Note: In the event of rain, we do not sweep because a sweeper's efficiency is greatly reduced.

Below is a CITYWIDE STREET SWEEPING LEGEND MAP and CALENDAR so you may learn what day and time your street is swept.

To use:

1. Click on any Map Number on the Citywide Street Sweeping Legend Map.

2. Review detailed map to learn the frequency of street sweeping on your block.

3. Review the Street Sweeping Calendar to learn exact dates of sweeping.

Please call us at (831) 372-7977 if you have any questions.

Street Sweeping Map - click neighborhood number for details

Street Sweeping Map Main Map 4 Map 4 Map 4 Map 2 Map 3 Map 1 Map 1 Map 1 Map 5 Map 5 Map 6 Map 7 Map 7 Map 7 Map 7 Map 8 Map 8 Map 7 Map 9 Map 8 Map 10 Map 11 Map 11 Map 12 Map 12 Map 12 Map 13 Map 13 Map 13 Map 10 Map 14 Map 14 Map 14 Map 17 Map 17 Map 16 Map 15 Map 15 Map 15 Map 18

Street Sweeping Calendar